Family History

Moorebank is now home to the old family wine press & open fermentation tanks that were handcrafted in the 1840’s. Originally a cubby house for Debra as a child these have since been relocated to the estate on Palmers Lane.

Debra’s 102 yr old grandmother, passed down an old family recipe using whole muscat grapes, which now makes the famous Spicy Grape Sauce, Spice Pickled Grapes, Grape & Semillon Spread  and Grape & Gewurztraminer Coulis.

family life

Another rich part of the Moorebank history is Sheila the sheep, living for more than 20 years as part of the family. Sheila passed away in 2019, but she is fondly remembered at Moorebank.

When guests visit our cellar door, they can enjoy a glass of ‘Sheila Black Sheep Shiraz’ under the Mulberry Tree where her memorial is.

Wonderful, Warm & Friendly (Even the dog stella)Thanks Debra

— Karen – Cairns N.Q

Great Wine, Great Goat!

— Laurens Hens!