2014 ‘Summar’ Semillon








The bouquet is reminiscent of lemons & limes.
The mouth feel is a vibrant citrus fruit flavour with a finish that is refreshingly dry & stimulating. Hunter Semillons age beautifully.


lemon, lime & citrus notes


citrus zing, a soft, rich finish

food pairings

salt & pepper squid, oysters

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2014 Late Harvest Semillon

This superbly luscious yet super light wine delivers a flavour explosion on all the taste buds. Fruity up front, while the back palate finishes delightfully clean & crisp.Best paired with a spicy curry, as the sweetness of the wine acts as a fire extinguisher & helps cool the spice! or just divine with a cheese board at the end of a

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2015 Semillon Chardonnay

Ian’s favourite drop is a Hunter Semillon & Deb is an all-time Chardy fan, so why not put the 2 together!The slight zesty notes from the Semillon blend seamlessly with the subtle creamy layers of

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