Spicy Grape Sauce 500ml


Spicy Grape Sauce is a unique, hand-made sauce that is produced from hand picked Muscat grapes & has the perfect balance of sweet & spice.

It comes from an old family vineyard recipe passed down from Debra Moore’s 102 year old Grandmother & greatest attribute is the fact that it is so versatile & goes well with so many different foods.
Use as a marinade over all types of meats, in particular steak, pork spare ribs or chicken wings. Serve over bacon & egg rolls, nachos or homemade pizzas. Stir through dishes like slow cookers, casseroles or bolognaise to add a sweet spice or simply serve with a cheese board & use like a quince paste!


a touch sweet, a tad spicy

food pairings

cheese, pizzas, nachos

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