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From Humble Beginnings...

Moorebank is a full family owned & operated vineyard since 1986 & is one of the most renowned boutique & unique estates in the Hunter Valley. Husband & wife team, Ian Burgess & Debra Moore started from humble beginnings in sharing a vision of creating wines with character & a story behind each bottle, whilst maintaining the values of sustainable viticulture & agricultural practices to produce small batch, quality wines that are not only cleaner & kinder on the environment but also our bodies.

Family Owned & Operated

Together, with the addition of their children, Moorebank has become acclaimed for its eccentric range of easy drinking yet distinctive drops. Having a range of wines with something suitable for all tastebuds is crucial. Just like the seasons, consumer palates & trends are forever changing so we believe it's important to be diverse & adapt (& evolve with) to current demands, while still maintaining our authenticity & original vision.

Our Vineyard

Moorebank is a family owned & operated boutique vineyard since 1986 & is one of the smallest but finest estates in the Hunter Valley.

We believe fine wine begins long before it goes to the winery. Our consumer feedback results of reduced histamine problems & less headaches from consuming Moorebank wine is a delight to report.