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Home-made Pizzas with Spicy Grape Sauce

Who doesn't love a pizza!

This recipe is simple & very delicious.

There's 2 ways to utilise our spicy Grape Sauce for a homemade pizza.

1. As a base sauce.

Get your pizza base, pita bread or wrap & spread the grape sauce evenly.

If you like garlic, minced garlic is also a nice addition at this point.

Once applied, you can add some cheese followed by your favourite toppings.

Cook, serve & enjoy!


2. As a drizzle ontop!

If you like your traditional tomato base, create your pizza as normal. Base sauce - cheese - mushroom - meat etc

Before it goes into the oven a light drizzle of spicy grape sauce ontop.

Either method or both are a must try for your next homemade pizza  🍕