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Pork Spare Ribs with Spicy Grape Sauce

Pork or Beef ribs go perfect with the Grape Sauce.

For ultimate tender ribs you want to cook low and slow. 

However for a midweek cook up sometimes time is of the essence!

Having a temperature probe is the best way to get your meat cooked perfectly.

(tender ribs are 90C internal temp)


- Marinade your ribs in the Grape Sauce ideally over night.

(if you don't have time to marinade cook the ribs by them selfs firsr & leave the sauce out until the final 10-15min of cooking)

- Preheat oven to 130C

- Place your rack in a tray (for easy clean up, line tray with baking paper)

- Cover with foil & place in oven for 1.5hrs

- At the 1.5hr mark increase temp to 200C, remove foil & cook for a further 10-15 or until the Grape Sauce has caramelized!


Cut, Serve & Enjoy!