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Moorescato & Lemon Spritz

Moorescato & Lemon Spritz

Our iconic Moorescato, ruby red in colour, raspberries & turkish delight. Slightly sweet in the upfront with a refreshing clean crisp finish.

This Lemon Moorescato Spritz is a must try for your next party, gathering or stressful midweek fix!

You'll need the following

- 200ml of Moorescato

-  30ml of your favourite vodka or gin

- 30ml of lemon juice ( or half a lemon )

- ice

- raspberries (optional) 


Couldn't be any easier!

Grab your favorite glass. Add your ice, gin & lemon juice. Top up your glass with Moorescato, add in your raspberries for a delicious garnish!

Stir and Enjoy 

Tip: If you want your cocktail sweeter, substitute the lemon juice with our Lemonade Syrup!